Depilation with sugar paste PANDHY's


 Why is it worth using PANDHY'S sugar paste?
    • less pain at the time of the procedure;
    • hair doesn't break;
    • doesn't couse ingrown hair;
    • even very short hair are removed;
    • skin isn't irritated;
    • no scorching - skin color paste;
    • no allergic reaction;
    • slower hair regrowth;
    • ecologically clean.

Hair removal is carried out using unique PANDHY'S paste containing only sugar (90-95%) and water (5-10%). For centuries, a similar paste was used in Middle Eastern countries, therefore it is also called "Cleopatra's Gold".
What makes this method different from hair removal wax:
Much less painful. Sugar paste PANDHY'S does not stick to the skin, doesn't cause distress. Removing hair with wax, often is too hot and has a risk of burns. "Cleopatra's Gold" - completely is a natural product that does not cause allergic reactions. PANDHY'S paste can remove very short and ingrown hair, until they sprout. PANDHY'S Sugar paste is applied on the surface of the skin against the direction of hair growth, and disposed of by fingers in the direction of hair growth. In the same place hairs can be removed several times. Give your skin the pleasure of fast, gentle, painless removal of unwanted hair.
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